Our Story

In 2013, Republic Motors took birth in a lab where budding engineers were burning their nights to build nonpolluting highly efficient vehicle for their project. While this project these engineers realized the urgent need for Clean Mobility for the world. They took a challenge to build an organization which Impacts and reaches masses, develop green mobility solutions for them. Hence the organization was named” Republic Motors”

We started our journey of transformation from the lower most member of public transport which affects masses and would make them familiar to the new clean technology In 2015 Republic Motors started R&D on an last mile connected three wheel vehicle we named it “E-Kranti” which means electric transformation. Now we proudly say we are bring people out of poverty by giving them a chance to earn more. There is a 5 fold increase in the income of a Cycle Rickshaw puller who drives E-Kranti now. This not only increase the income of the driver but also the health. We at Republic are on a journey to build innovative, clean, connected and affordable transportation solution for the world. We aims to mark our presence in each human mobility solution till 2030


“Republic Motors since its inception had a vision to give clean mobility solutions which reaches and impact masses so that our future human race can breathe a fresh air. “

Clean Mobility

Clean Mobility is our most powerful weapon in our fight against Climate Change! This means a pollution-free clean drive, leading to clean air and better living standards for our people.
We believe in the idea of ‘clean kilometres’. This could be achieved through Electric Vehicles/Alternative Energy vehicles.
We will do whatever it takes, because this is our commitment to our heritage, and our promise to future generations.


Connected mobility implies integration of vehicles and geographies as well as modes of transport through use of technology. We will leverage the full potential for vehicle and other innovative technical solutions to improve private vehicle utilization. This connected mobility will give new power to even deep route of the our country where people from villages will also be well connected.


Convenient mobility means safe, affordable and accessible for all sections of the society. This includes the elderly, the women and the specially abled. Commercial vehicles should enpower the drivers and give them a better living standard.


Media Presence

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Awards & Honors

Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion Government of India has recognized Republic Motors as a startup
Republic Motors awarded for outstanding contribution in Electric Vehicle Industry by Embility Plus (One of the leading electric vehicle media company in India)

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